Massive Changes Happening at HCM Jetters

New Store Opening November 2021

Hi, Im Mark Mutch, Director of HCM Jetters. Firstly, on behalf of myself and everyone here at HCM jetters, we would like to say a massive thankyou to all of our wonderful and loyal customers. To whom without you this wouldn't be possible. I sincerely hope these changes will fill you with as much excitement as we at HCM are feeling right now.

Me and my HCM team are passionate about bringing outstanding products to the market, and combining a 5* user experience for all our customers. 

Since 2016 when we set up HCM Jetters we've been focused on bringing new equipment and ideas to the market, but also listening to our customers ideas. Year on year we have experienced growth, more customers are coming on board daily, both from the UK and overseas. 

As the workload increases, so does the space needed to offer all the services that we do, so we wanted to create a unique customer experience, for anyone in the Drain Jetting, Pressure Wash or High Pressure Water Jetting industry.

This has been the driving force behind these exciting changes...


The Brand New HCM Jetting Megastore

We tried to keep this under wraps, However the office cant keep a secret ;)
Now its time to explain what the big changes are...
We are creating a megastore hub, right now, work is underway at our new location, to create this unique and spectacular environment to help our customers succeed, and to show that HCM are behind our customers every step of the way.
There is nothing else quite like this in the Drainage or Pressure Washing industry. 
So what will the new place offer?
1. A Bigger & Better Shop 
Firstly it would be wrong to assume otherwise, we will be bringing in more products from across the Drainage, Pressure Washing and Jetting industry we are making arrangements with many amazing suppliers to bring only the highest quality products, along with our own manufactured items and machines.
This shop will be unrivalled.

We're putting more Jetters, Drain Jets, Lances, Parts, Fittings, Hoses, Cameras and so much more on display than ever before.

Sometimes we can often get customers who are unsure on what they need, or have a vision in their head of what they want. Some customers want to apply for finance and some are completely new to the industry. So we have created a specific consultation room for this which gives chance to sit down and discuss exactly what you need, and get it right.. First time.


2. HCM Training centre
The interest in this has been huge, and after listening to our customers opinions of what they wanted and what they believed would help grow and expand their business, we've created a purpose built training centre within the megastore for the Drainage & High Pressure Water Jetting Industry, bringing in guest speakers, and governing bodies. Some of the courses we will be running, however not limited to will be:
  • WJA 2 Day Course
  • Introduction To Drainage
  • Facebook Marketing 
  • Marketing Courses
  • First Aid

And many more...

Along with our training courses, we've also commissioned specific areas for training in jetting and drainage, with above ground drainage and manholes to simulate the real world.


3. Demonstration Area
Try before you buy! 

A great feature we are introducing into the new store is a purpose built demo area outside, along with another internal demo area inside. This will allow our customers to try out the goods prior to investing.

Another great opportunity this brings is it will allow manufacturers from across the globe to come in and showcase their own products for sale, bringing the finest of equipment and expertise, directly to HCM exclusively for our customers.


4. Quicker repair and servicing times across two sites, And a comfy waiting area
We understand that getting back on the road promptly is key to your business. 

This is why we are expanding our range of capabilities and staff in the repair line of our business across two sites, we've perfectly positioned the new store within 150 Meters of our existing site, from a logistical point of view it is perfect for us to carry out repairs.

The seamless operation between the two stores will allow us to take more Jetters in for a service or repair at one time, we are also upgrading our existing site to adopt more high tech equipment and increased staff numbers to accommodate.

The only thing our customer will need to do is call in to the shop or give the office a call and book in. You will then be able to sit in our comfy waiting area equipped with a seating area, Tea/Coffee making facilities, TV,  Some literature to read and take a look around the shop or see some of our products in action.

Want to bring your laptop along to do some work? We've covered that base too. With Free customer WIFI and printers. We will even throw some pens and paper your way to book jobs in, you know because were nice like that ;)


5. HCM Hire
We are excited to announce that we are expanding our range of hire equipment to be available in store.

Over the last 6 months we have been investing heavily in creating new machinery to offer our customers more long and short term hire options. Our current model suited customers who were looking for long term lease, however, after listening to our customers we know sometimes you may only need equipment for a few days.

Therefore we are assigning a HCM Hire Counter in store, with flexible terms and transparent costs, allowing you to easily quote work, making your life a little easier.


6. Networking Days & Nights.
This has been met with immense popularity.

We have a great relationship with our customers here at HCM, and in alot of cases will see them outside of a work setting. Since we opened back in 2016 I have always tried to give a personal touch to our customers, and change the way Supplier-Customer relations are typically.

We do like to think of ourselves as partners, a company that provides a service allowing you, the customer, to expand as much as possible, to give advice and help as much as we can.

Ive always adopted the approach of the more the customer succeeds, the better the chance we will also succeed.

I personally have been lucky enough to watch drainage and pressure wash companies be formed here, starting out as a one-man band and expanding into multiple vans, its amazing to see, because I know how much relentless hard work goes into a business.

One thing I've also noticed is how much owners from different companies like to chat and discuss work, skills, pretty much anything, because they do share such a common interest.

With that in mind we are going to be running networking events, more so events to have a drink, chat to other owners and hopefully have a general good time. Think of it like a Christmas party, but without the festivities. I'm sure there's plenty of you who'll be up for this one, and we will even be hosting different types of fun days in store.


7. Corporate / Design Room.
Although we will have a consultation room, on some occasions we will need a room designed to allow many heads to sit around the table to discuss your requirements.

Basically somewhere we can get our range of expert personnel to sit down with  you to customise designs or discuss bespoke builds. We understand that not every objective can be achieved with off the shelf products.


8. HCM Media Centre
The HCM media centre is a media room within the megastore. Fitted with the latest computer software and video media equipment to allow HCM to post more daily content, Videos, and bringing us closer to you wherever you are. 

This will also be used at our customers request to assist with your marketing campaigns, coupled with various areas around the store we can help you to create marketing videos and content to help promote your business.


Sound exciting?

We've still got tons more big surprises coming up

We cannot wait to welcome you at our new store, I believe it's going to be something very special.

However there are some things I want to keep a surprise until opening day.

I think what were doing is combing a very efficient service along with the bonus of giving our customers a hub to come and visit. We are bringing in even more products and services to give the unique all in one experience our customers deserve.

Myself and the whole team here are looking forward to welcoming you to the New HCM Jetting Megastore in November :)

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas...

We love to hear from you, so please feel free to post in the comments below what you would like to see us improve, or even some ideas on the new place like products and services.



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